Tuesday Talks ~ FREE ~

Gatherings that INSPIRE with Other Like-minded Learners!

Created and Curated at the request of past and present students.


Held bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST or later depending on the flow of conversation.

Join the Life, Business Blueprint at Skool and access the calendar to ensure you don’t miss an event.


Wherever you are! Tuesday Talks are held on ZOOM.


You, Me and Likeminded Others.

Likeminded – hmmmm tough to define so let’s provide some context.

Good people who think and act inclusively and mean no harm.

Committed to continuous learning, being inspired and co-inspiring with a compassionate, empathetic, see and be seen, heard and be heard commitment to themselves and others.


Tuesday Talks (TT) was created at the request of students committed to continuous learning and mentorship.

The content is stimulated by thought provoking conversations.

It’s held on Tuesdays - because there are so many holiday Mondays and much later in the week feels too busy - for now it’s Tuesdays!


If you have read to this point then you get it. Bottomline, Tuesday Talks are intended to be a safe space for conversations.

Guest speakers, curated reading materials, continuous learning and development and the conversations that ensue will drive the content we discuss.

We will adjust as we share, grow and evolve.

Terms & Conditions

For “likeminded” people – we tried to define that above

Attendance and participation is your choice. We assume zero liability for your actions/words and/or the actions or words of others.

That said, we reserve the right to end conversations, terminate Members (and their membership). This will be due to not following the “likemindedness” we have described.

Mandatory Cameras on unless extraneous issue

Full participation and engagement

Our commitment to provide a safe, inclusive, planned and moderated space to learn, connect, share, grow and inspire.

Nicole Gallucci

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