Life Blueprint is a fusion of the long-term and annual strategic planning processes used by businesses, blended with the best in self-help motivation, transformation, mission/purpose clarity and goal setting courses, books, workshops and coaching.

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Life Blueprint

A step-by-step guide for creating an extraordinary life.

What is Life Blueprint?

Creating the life you want is like building the house you want to live in. A house needs a plan, a set of blueprints, before construction can begin. And if that plan isn’t solid, complete, well thought out, professional, and customized to you, neither will your house be. The same can be said for building the life you want.

The Life Blueprint is a process that provides you with a holistic, actionable plan for building the life of your dreams. In 10 easy-to-follow steps, you will be guided through a series of exercises that integrates all critical aspects of life—dreams, goals, mission/purpose, impact, and values—and combines them into an action plan that drives achievement.

When completed you will feel confident, focused, and unstoppable. You will be on a mission to live your best life and you will know how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that venture onto your path. I guarantee the process works! I have shared the process with over 5,000 people and those who have followed it are not only achieving their goals and dreams but they are doing so faster.

Who Created Life Blueprint? Why? How?

“Hi! My name is Nicole Gallucci and I am the creator of the Life Blueprint methodology.

I faced a series of personal challenges that I just couldn’t seem to navigate. I would fix one thing and cause challenges in another area. And, I just wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I read books, took courses, talked to mentors and coaches but nothing provided a holistic solution that fit all the pieces of my life together.

On the flip side, I had great business success because I had a series of processes and practices that I used intuitively and routinely to create a thriving workplace. So, I re-engineered those business processes and added all of the self-help learning to create the Life Blueprint process. And it worked! It worked for me, and it has worked for thousands of others. I guarantee it can help you too!

If you want to know more please reach out any time. I am on a mission to share the Life Blueprint process with asmany people as possible because I truly believe we all deserve an extraordinary life - we just need a guide to help us get there!”

Nicole Gallucci

Life Blueprint Testimonials

Meghan, Post Grad, Toronto

Monique, SVP, Toronto

Juliano, Toronto

Before experiencing A Day for a Decade, I would have said that changing careers, and going back to school during the midst of a pandemic was probably a wrong decision. It is obvious that COVID-19 has pushed back, flipped, or canceled any future plans we may have had before March of this year. However, attending Nicole’s A Day for a Decade seminar changed my views, my vantage point, and my ability to adapt. We are often unable to change our circumstances, but we can always change our mindset.I cannot thank Nicole enough for changing my perspective and my attitude as I welcome in a new year with open arms.

“A Day for a Decade” (aka the Life Blueprint Workshop) was the most valuable investment I’ve made on focusing my time to think about my personal priorities and life goals. The outcome of this day has helped me, on a daily basis, be on the right path to achieve those goals. I’m so grateful for Nicole and her masterful teaching and practical framework.

As a student of Nicole’s at George Brown College, she introduced us to the “Day for a Decade” Workshop (aka Life Blueprint) as way to evaluate our life goals and how to get there. In such a fast-paced world, we rarely afford ourselves a moment to simply evaluate where we are and where we want to be. “Day for a Decade” helped me put into perspective my vision for my career and my future, allowing me to understand how to incorporate my interests, my skills, and my values into my version of success. Thanks Nicole!

Holly, Manager, NYC/AUS

Danielle, Post Grad, Toronto

Phil, Post Grad, Toronto

"Originally a very distant observer of Nicole's work, I had always had a desire to one day participate in one of her programs or be aligned with her work and mentorship style after hearing such great things through the grapevine. I was so happy when I was recently able to join one online from NYC. Nicole's energy & style is the perfect mix of highly intellectual facts about life, & quirky fun relatable stories that help you feel like maybe anything really IS possible. I left with many thoughts to ponder and some great tools to help 'do the work' by myself when looking to reflect. She's a good time - I highly recommend jumping in to learn/work/listen to her!'

"Nicole is a prime example of someone who truly cares about each person she works with. Not only was the course content taught in great detail, but the energy that Nicole brought to the classroom made the material come to life. I highly recommend taking one of her classes!"

"As a student looking to emerge into a new industry, the Day for a Decade exercise was extremely impactful. It enabled me to broaden my lens and think critically about the steps I can take to accomplish my goals, all while maximizing enjoyment through this crazy journey called Life...That is my way of measuring success!".

Roozbeh, Post Grad, Toronto

"I had the privilege of attending one of Nicole’s courses, she is an exemplary leader who truly cares about her students’ success and growth as professionals."

Monique Giroux

Ian Hayes

Aoife O’Reilly

Rae Gibson

Nicole Gallucci

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