The Evolution of a Podcast

My Wisdom and Woo Woo podcast was launched with the intent to explore the fascinating intersection of centuries of wisdom and modern-day woo woo. In each episode I dive into fascinating topics that blend wisdom with contemporary ideas and trending topics with the intent to bridge the gap between the rational and the ethereal. Wisdom and Woo Woo will continue but with a different frequency because its launch was the catalyst for my weekly radio show Crossroads.

On Crossroads we talk about navigating life, work, and everything in between. Every week, we talk about making big decisions, like changing jobs, starting something new, or just getting better at life. Hear from people who’ve been right where you are and found their way. We'll share tips on everything from work to personal growth, and how to face tough times with courage.

You can connect to Crossroads on Thursdays and Sundays or on demand on Soundcloud on 91X.

Guest Podcasts

Nicole Gallucci

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