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The Sacredness of Sundays

The Sacredness of Sundays

November 12, 20232 min read

When I was a child Sunday’s were vastly different than they are today.

My grandmother went to church every Sunday morning and I would tag along here and there.

My dad watched Sunday football while my mom prepped an extra special “Sunday dinner”.

Most stores were closed.

It was as though our family took a breath.

It was as though the world took a breath.

There was something sacred in the peace.

Fast forward a few decades to my life with small children, stores were open, practices in soccer fields or hockey arenas often consumed our mornings. I feel like Sundays were a flurry of activity with little time to refresh before heading into the work week. It was as though they were a much needed catch-up day.

As the kids shifted into adolescence, again another change to the Sunday agenda.

I would get up super early to write and meditate. Followed by a hot coffee that I could actually sip and savour while sifting through the newspaper, my laptop and daytimer spread out on the kitchen table as I prepped and planned for the weeks ahead.

One by one my kids would join and homework and assignments would fill the table and the conversation. Our kitchen table would become a communal desk.

Coffees, juices, meals and conversation would ebb and flow as we all worked together.

I miss those days!

Fast forward again to today. My adult children are in distant places. And my home is remote. Sundays are quite different. Though I still spread out over the kitchen table. My phone is propped up as I enjoy catch-up calls with my kids over whatsapp video (amen for video calls). Chores are minimal (because no one is here to make a mess!). Long walks, extra meditation, time to write, think and sip hot coffee abound. There is lots of breathing room.

While much has changed over the decades what has remained the same is the need to take a pause, to breath, to regroup and to plan.

Sundays are definitely my day to do that.

Sundays may not be your day but I believe we all need a day and a time that we hold “sacred” to “regroup”.

This is critical to living a full and fulfilled life.

Otherwise we get caught up in the continuous motion of our days.

I am all for living in the moment but I also think that this philosophy needs to be balanced with reflection and planning.

Find your time to breath, to reflect, to pause and to plan.

Happy Sunday!

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