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The Power of Just Going For It!

November 05, 20233 min read

In life, opportunities are presented to us every day, sometimes multiple times a day. The choice to seize these moments, take risks, and simply “go for it” can lead to remarkable outcomes. The act of boldly stepping into the unknown, pursuing dreams, and embracing new challenges can bring about profound personal growth and success. And admittedly, failure.

I have had my fair share of both so I am knowledgeable on the topic of going for it.

The question I often get asked is why?

Why do I keep going for it — in the face of fear, knowing I have anxiety, knowing that I get stressed and knowing that I might fail?

Here are my “whys”:

1. I’m a Mom on a Mission

Actually I’m a parent on a mission! I decided years ago that I wanted to be a role model to my children. Though I am very far from perfect, I wanted them to see that they could take risks, try new things and not only survive but thrive. And that in “going for it” the results might be spectacular.

2. I’m a Leader and Prof

I believe you need to “practice what you preach”. I certainly preach trying. And I have been a shining example of epic fails, epic successes and everything in between — and I am still standing. At work and in the classroom I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone. And they bare witness in real time of me doing the same — that is my job — to practice what I preach!

3. My fear of having regrets is greater than my fear of not going for it

I never want to wish I had tried something or done something. In fairness, this means I push myself likely more than is necessary but I am living fully and want to continue to do so. There is that cliché — it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. I believe it is better to have lived fully than not.

4. It’s not my time and this is not my story

I say this to people when they ask why yet again I have pushed myself to an extreme limit. Truth is I am an eternal optimist and I wear rose coloured glasses. So, when the stress gets high or the journey get rough and people ask forcefully — WHY. I calmly and confidently answer that I must try this/move forward and that everything will be okay because it’s not my time and this is not my story. And I truly believe this. I have work to do and it is not done yet.

5. What is the worst case scenario?

Before “going for it” I ask myself what the worst case is. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is failure resulting in a degree of financial loss (I actually calculate this out), people thinking I am crazy, loss of time or energy,…I truly do evaluate what the worst case could be and rarely does this hold me back — because rarely is the worst case that bad.

Life is long and life is short. We live in the juxtaposition of living now and imagining how life could be. To be clear, I am not seeking better, I am seeking “full”. To live fully and fulfilled is my goal and for me that means doing/trying all the things that are important to me and going for it!

I know the world is in turmoil. And I know it is scary. I also know there is still much beauty. I know we can have an impact. I know we can make a difference. I believe we need to try. I believe we need to go for it. Talking about what needs to change does not make change. We need to Be the Change (Gandhi) — and that can only happen if we go for it!

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