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Why we need to walk…Why I walk…

Why we need to walk…Why I walk…

November 19, 20232 min read

In this digital age, where we are all racing against the clock, the art of a leisurely walk is regaining traction (pun intended!).

For me, walking is my personal zen. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other reminds me to move when my mind is clouded by a million thoughts or worse, when I don’t want to move it all.

While we are encouraged to walk for a myriad of physical health reasons — I walk for my head. I walk because I need to clear my head and to change my mindset.

Each step is a beat, a rhythm that invites me to focus on the ground and the nature around me. Whether in a big city or walking along my cottage road my busy mind takes a breather when I walk. It’s as though my body chooses to focus on the motion and in the process my worries disappear and clarity and creativity take over. The pesky problems that seemed as big as a mountain? Suddenly, are manageable. And the moments when I fought the urge to stay in bed under the covers not wanting to get up and seize the day (!) feel as though they were a waste of precious time.

Today as I type I have not yet gone for my walk.

Today has been one of the days when it is a fight to put my feet in motion. A loon just swam by and there is a fresh dusting from the first snowfall and my faithful dog Sadie is eager to go and check things out.

Today I will walk my way to a well mind and healthy perspective.

Walking is my creative muse, turning the gears in my brain with every stride. It’s like a brainstorming session on-the-go, where the best ideas pop up unannounced. It’s a time to ponder life’s big and little questions. It’s a reminder that I need to keep going that there are many more adventures on my horizon.

Hippocrates’ said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.”

So, I’m lacing up my shoes and heading out.

why we need to walkwalking
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